You Are Woman I Am Maschine

Look at all the pretty colors!

Native Instruments announced today the Oct.1st release of the new Maschine and its little brother, Maschine Mikro.

Maschine now comes in either black or white, with new multicolored pads, and is customizable with Maschine Custom Kits. Stocked with its own 6GB onboard sound library, the package also includes new 1.8 software and Massive, for all you bass-heads out there.

Metal Guitarlust!

This hollow body Steel Jazzmaster loaded with TV Jones pickups is giving me major tone boners!

(more pics of this beauty at

I don’t know how long this guy has been around exactly but I just came across the French luthier Loïc Le Pape, who works exclusively in steel to create some seriously gorgeous guitars. Maybe I’m just a sucker for rusty distressed textures but I haven’t gotten this excited about boutique guitars since discovering Electrical Guitar Co., which uses aluminum to craft their masterpieces.

Bleep funk

Need to rock a beat fast and can’t be bothered with complicated computer tomfoolery?

Bleep Labs, in collaboration with Stones Throw Records and the artist known as Dam-Funk, has the solution to your hi-tech blues.

Dubbed the ‘Dam Drum,’ this little critter packs 4 sounds, 2 knobs for pitch control, and is able to store 4 patterns at a time. With an extremely limited run of only 100, you’d better hurry to and get some lo-fi love.


***UPDATE*** 8/28/12

Aaaaaaaaand SOLD OUT

Yow wanna get faced???

David Yow, frontman of the inimitable 90’s noise rock band the Jesus Lizard, is offering his artistic services via his website

Simply “Send a photo of your face, or your brother’s face, or your ferret’s face, it doesn’t matter whose face it is” and you shall receive “the GET FACED treatment  .  .  . a hand-drawn copy of the face that’s ‘colored in’ with photographic textures and/or patterns and/or colors.”

I got to see some of these first-hand a while back at the Fuse Gallery NYC, and boy were they stunning.

So what are you still reading for? Go GET FACED!


Quicksand is playing the second of two reunion shows at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in NY tonight and sad to say I am not going to be there. Both shows sold out within the first minute of going on sale, which I’m not sure would have ever happened in their heyday. Like many bands who reunite years later, their popularity appears to have grown tremendously while they were sleeping, and I’m glad they are getting to enjoy it.