Looper Film & Soundtrack – A Futuristic Feast For The Senses

Looper, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, time travel, sci-fi, noir
If you haven’t seen Looper yet, I STRONGLY urge you to do so before it’s gone from theaters and you’re left wishing time travel would get invented already. Joseph Gordon-Levitt kills it as a young version of Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt plays a perfect bad-ass beauty with a shotgun. And if time travel wasn’t already enough to whet your future-lust, director Rian Johnson threw in a little telekinesis and a mysterious villain known only as “Rainmaker” for good measure. Maybe you’ve seen it already? Go see it. Again. NAO.

This noir sci-fi thriller was my favorite flic of the year, and the soundtrack was a real treat as well. For anyone interested in field recording or sound-design, check out these videos from composer Nathan Johnson.

LOOPER Nathan Johnson Score Preview 1 – Field Recordings from Nathan Johnson on Vimeo.

LOOPER Nathan Johnson Score Preview 2 – Percussion from Nathan Johnson on Vimeo.

LOOPER Nathan Johnson Score Preview 3 – Melodic Instruments from Nathan Johnson on Vimeo.

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Looper has been out for a while now…I’ve been meaning to post this for a LOOONG time, after seeing the videos on disquiet.com, but wanted to wait til I saw the movie and listened to the soundtrack, cuz I’m kooky like that… Only thought of it again recently, after seeing Brick, another film from the Rian & Nathan Johnson + Joseph Gordon-Levitt team, but that is another story. Enjoy!

Johnny Greenwood Scored PT Anderson’s The Master


Johnny Greenwood, sometimes known as the guitarist for a little band called Radiohead, has provided the score to Paul Thomas Anderson’s much anticipated new film The Master. But Greenwood isn’t new to writing for film or orchestra; he scored Bodysong in 2003, premiered the string piece Popcorn Superhet Receiver in the US as part of the Wordless Music Series in 2008, and has released a collaborative album with Krystoff Penderecki. He also wrote the score for PT Anderson’s highly acclaimed masterpiece There Will Be BloodRead a recent interview with Johnny at NPR, check out an audio clip from The Master below, or stream the full soundtrack at SpotifyThe Master opens tomorrow 9/21. 

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