Google Jam With Chrome

Who wants to jam? Meet me on!

Google’s new “JAM with Chrome is an interactive web application that allows friends in different locations to play music together in realtime through their Chrome browser, using the latest HTML5 technologies. You can choose from one of 19 instruments and up to 4 people can JAM together in a session.”

“Easy” Mode lets you click around instruments with your mouse, or you can play them with your QWERTY keyboard in “Pro” Mode.

Does this spell the end for garage rock? Are real instruments for old people? Is music over? Or will we see a whole new generation of “browser bands”? Is “Chrome Wave” the next big thing?


Death Grips Epic Battle

Death Grips No Love Deep Web album cover censored

Death Grips is in the midst of a war with their label Epic after leaking their own album today.

According to their twitter yesterday, “The label wouldn’t confirm a release date for NO LOVE DEEP WEB ’till next year sometime’,” [so] “The label will be hearing the album for the first time with you.” At 12am PST they released No Love Deep Web via their website,, which prompted Epic to shut it down.

In an age where most are complaining about dwindling album sales, Death Grips’ marketing tactic is just hilarious, not to mention the uncensored version of the album art featuring a penis with the title written on it in black marker. Gotta give it to Death Grips for being punk as fuck! It will be interesting to see how the rest of this debacle plays out. In the meantime you can stream the album via the band’s soundcloud, or follow any of the number of links showing up on, unless that too gets shut down somehow.

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To disavow allegations that this was all a publicity stunt, Death Grips posted cease and desist emails from Epic on their facebook page, and were subsequently dropped from the label.