iVCS3 Tease


Some exciting news, via sythtopia.com

Alessandro Petrolati and Densitygs (makers of iPulsaret and iDensity) will be releasing iVCS3, a virtual  recreation of the famed EMS VCS3 (Voltage Controlled Studio No.3) synthesizer.

EMS, VCS3, Voltage Controlled Studio No.3

Featuring iconic patching matrix and joystick controls, the analog VCS3 was infamously quirky, and is now extremely rare. I was lucky enough to play one of these at NYU’s Music Technology Department, and it is such a cool little synth. The monophonic 3 VCO/VCF/VCA synth was originally offered to the public in 1969 at a very reasonable price of just £330 + £150 for the keyboard (more historical info via factmag.com). Soon, iVCS3 can be yours, on your tablet, for just a fraction of that. Estimated arrival is March. Until then, feast your eyes and ears on this video teaser: