Mind the Gap?


You might have noticed it’s been rather quiet here lately. Did you miss me?

The reason for my silence has been a long stretch of travel. After spending some time in LA, I drove up the Pacific coast to San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. It was glorious. Then I traversed the country back east, stopping in Colorado, Chicago, and Detroit. Oh the wonders I could tell you about! But I suppose this is not really the time or place.

Now, back in NY, I return to you, dear reader, refreshed and renewed. I’m also in the business of once again seeking gainful employment. Multimedia remote work would be preferable, but I am open to anything really. I’m always looking to learn new skills and dreaming up business ideas. My path as a musician who does not wish to starve has lead me to jobs in all different facets of the entertainment business. In fact I might have spread myself a wee bit too thin. You see, when people ask, I have trouble describing what it is exactly that I do, since my skills are rather diverse. I try to fit them all under one umbrella: multimedia, or digital media, though that’s really two umbrellas now isn’t it? Sometimes I just say “computer stuff.” In any case, here is an outline of things I am proficient in:

Music Composition

Audio Recording/Editing/Mixing

Sound Design

Graphic Design

Web Design

Video Editing

Photo Editing





Social Media

Audio/Video Hardware & Software Installation

Computer Maintenance

Tech Support


So if you know of a job that needs filling somewhere along those lines, please email toneluster@gmail.com. Thanks!

And now back to more music technology…