FAWM: February Album Writing Month – Game On!

fawm.org, february album writing month

Do you wanna write an album? Do you need some inspiration? Do you want to be part of a songwriting community? If so, FAWM.org might be just the thing for you.

The goal is to write 14 songs in 28 days. That’s not a requirement, just a suggestion. And FAWM is full of suggestions! FAWM.org offers a place to post your song ideas, collaborate with other musicians all over the world, or generate ideas using their MUSE tool, weekly challenges and daily tweets.┬áSo what are you waiting for? February is upon us! Get writing!

I think this is a really cool idea, and it’s the sort of thing I envisioned for the future of this site. If you’re down to join the discussion, head over to the toneluster+ page, join the community, and hopefully someday soon we can all start sharing ideas with each other.