My Bloody Valentine, shoegaze, MBV


My Bloody Valentine finally made good on the promise of a new album, after more than 20 years since their landmark 1991 record Loveless.

Bloody good news! I feel a childlike glee washing over me! If you do too, then go get the new record right this instant at


I was initially floored and speechless about the new MBV, but now that I’m absorbing the songs I have this to say: MBV is more MBV than MBV.

First some facts: The album was released online yesterday and the rush of fans immediately broke their website. By the time they got it back up, torrents had already started sprouting. MBV leaked the album themselves on their youtube channel.

If you’re into doing the right thing, the new record is available for download via their site at up to 24bit 96k quality (the obvious choice for audiophiles who need instant gratification.) If you’re still into physical media, you could also order an actual CD or better yet a vinyl record.

“The vinyl has been recorded, mixed and mastered in analogue. It is manufactured on 180 gram vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve with the CD in a card wallet. The vinyl will be limited due to manufacturing restrictions.”

Anyway back to the music. It sounds lush, drums are more prominent, the mix is a bit clearer overall than their past work, and musically it goes to further experimental depths.

There’s always the fear that a band reunion might ruin their legacy. This clearly isn’t the case here. MBV has retained the classic sound they cultivated in their infancy, and given it an air of maturity that makes it even more poignant. Like a fine wine that’s grown better with age, this album really feels like a more distilled version of what came before.  And most importantly, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Stream the rest of the album at

Fender Pawn Shop Series Takes You Back To A Past That Never Was

Fender Pawn Shop, Super-Sonic, reverse Jazzmaster,

The Fender Pawn Shop Series was designed to evoke the quirk of an old frankenstein guitar you’d find in the dusty corner of a store in some rundown town on say, Route 66 – an instrument thrown together from spare parts that is not quite right, but too unique to pass up.

I love Fender’s tagline “guitars that never were but should have been,” like they were pulled from a portal of yesteryear on some other dimensional plane.

This year, they’ve added a few more monsters to the maladjusted Pawn Shop family closet: the ’70s Strat Deluxe, featuring a Telecaster single-coil neck pickup and an Enforcer™ Wide Range humbucking bridge pickup, the  reversed Jazzmaster-styled Super-Sonic, the racing-striped Mustang Bass, and a totally re-imagined version of the long-gone Bass VI, equipped with a combo of Special Design Hot Jaguar® single-coil neck and middle pickups and a deceptively soapbar-shaped humbucking JZHB pickup in the bridge position.

Check out these demos and gorgeous brochure:


70’s Stratocaster Deluxe

Bass VI

Mustang Bass


Also new to the Pawn Shop Series is the Excelsior amp, which has had me drooling for weeks.
Fender Pawnshop, Excelsior, tube amp

This ultra-stylish little tube queen is welcome in my bedroom, studio or perched atop my gig-rig anyday. I can’t wait to actually get my hands on one to try.

The Excelsior is decked out in an open-back vinyl covered cabinet housing a 15″ Eminence® Legend speaker, and comes in Surf Green (my favorite of course), Sonic Blue, Antique Blush (creamy beige), or good old Brown. It’s a 13 watter, featuring dual 12AX7 preamp tubes, dual 6V6 output tubes, and three separate inputs for guitar, microphone, or accordion (super popular with the kids these days). For sonic fun, there is a tremolo circuit with speed control, and a bright/dark tone switch for treble or bass oomph. You can also take advantage of the 1/4” internal speaker disconnect to run out to an external speaker.

To sum it up: YUM.

And while it’s not exactly new, the little sister named “Greta” is just too cute to be ignored.
Fender Pawnshop, Greta, tube amp

This 2 watt tabletop tube amp with a 4″ speaker, VU meter, and elegant gold stylings might just take the cake as far as this whole pawn shop design thing goes. It’s loaded with a 12AT7 output tube, 12AX7 preamp tube, 1/4″ in and 1/4″ line out jack (so you can use her as a preamp before another amplifier), another 1/4″ external speaker out jack, and finally an 1/8″ line-in if you feel like hearing your ipod through a vintage sounding mono tube amp!

Ah, if only I could afford to adopt the whole damn family!

Dinosaur Jr. Release “I Bet On Sky”

Today Dinosaur Jr. drop their newest fuzz bomb “I Bet On Sky,” via Jajaguwar. This is their tenth studio album and the third since reforming in 2005. For anyone who craves Jazzmaster and Big Muff blistering guitar solos in their earhole this should be a no-brainer. Stream it over at The Independent, buy it on vinyl or CD from the DinoStore if you’re too lazy to go support your local record shop, or digitally online everywhere.

The video below is for the first single “Watch the Corners” starring Tim Heidecker of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Buy Dinosaur Jr.: I Bet On Sky

Electrical Guitars

Coincidentally, Electrical Guitar Company uploaded this pic shortly after I mentioned them in an earlier post regarding a steel Jazzmaster. This one is made from shiny aluminum and looks incredible.

Electrical Guitar Co. takes its cues from luthier Travis Bean, crafting aluminum guitars (and some wood/aluminum hybrids) with neck through designs and hand wound alnico pickups. They’ve done custom models for some of my favorite guitarists like King Buzzo of the Melvins, Brent Hinds of Mastodon, and Duane Denison of the Jesus Lizard, and are played by other metal heavyweights like Isis and Torche. Their product roster also includes baritones, basses, and a 12 string bass!

If you are interested in seeing more of their beautiful aluminum creations you should definitely check out Electrical Guitar Co.’s Facebook page, where they have posted pictures of many custom jobs not found on their website. I would love to try this 9 stringer, where the top 3 strings are doubled.

Metal Guitarlust!

This hollow body Steel Jazzmaster loaded with TV Jones pickups is giving me major tone boners!

(more pics of this beauty at

I don’t know how long this guy has been around exactly but I just came across the French luthier Loïc Le Pape, who works exclusively in steel to create some seriously gorgeous guitars. Maybe I’m just a sucker for rusty distressed textures but I haven’t gotten this excited about boutique guitars since discovering Electrical Guitar Co., which uses aluminum to craft their masterpieces.