Brian Eno Day Of Light Today

Lots of Brian Eno happenings here lately!

Today Eno is hosting Day of Light, an online interactive audiovisual experience with his new album LUX.

“LUX will be broadcast at four specific times to capture the different lighting of the day. During each play – listeners are invited to take photos wherever they are, and upload onto the site or send in, as part of an evolving public audio-visual project.”

If you, like myself, slept through the first three broadcasts, your last chance to catch it is in less than 1 hour, at 4pm!

Check the live-stream right here:

***UPDATE*** this is the stream of ‘playback’, presumably what Brian is watching? Go to for a fullscreen version or to submit photos

Read a recent interview Eno did with the Guardian:

Brian Eno Scape

Perhaps by now you’ve heard his new album Lux, but have you heard about the new Brian Eno app Scape?

Scape, designed by Eno and Peter Chilvers, is an ambient generative music app for iPad. In contrast to his albums, which are static, in that they will always sound the same every time you play them, this app lets the user create an endless series of self evolving sonic and visual “scapes” based on aleatoric or chance processes. One builds a scape by combining different backgrounds, moods, and shape elements, which then interact with each other following a set of (unstated) rules. Rules could be “wait for 2 seconds before playing,” or “play only when there is silence,” for example.

To keep us drawn in, Scape unlocks new elements the more you play with it, so your compositions can become more varied the further along you go. Playlists can be created so that your saved scapes will play back seamlessly as you drift off to blissful sleep. You can also listen to an entire album worth of scapes created by Eno and Chilvers. The duo has previously worked together on other apps Bloom & Trope for iPhone & iPod Touch.

Here are some demos I made for your listening and viewing pleasure:




In other news, Eno has announced “Day of Light,” an online, audiovisual, interactive experience with the new album LUX, on Saturday 17th November, 2012. Check for details.

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Albums Dropping Today

It’s not often that this many records I have been lusting for all come out on the same day.

Check out these streams and then GO BUY SOME MUSIC!

Soundgarden – King Animal

Brian Eno – Lux

Deftones – Koi No Yokan

How To Destroy Angels – An Omen EP

Trent Reznor also wrote the theme to the videogame Black Ops, released today

Anything I’m missing?

Brian Eno Announces New Ambient Solo Album

Brian Eno will release his first proper ambient solo venture in seven years this November. Following in the sonic vein of earlier aural massages he calls “Music For Thinking” – which includes Music For Airports, Music For Films, Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, Discreet Music, and Neroli – Eno’s new piece has been dubbed LUX. This four track journey is “a 75 minute composition in 12 sections that evolved from a work currently housed in the Great Gallery of the Palace of Venaria in Turin, Italy.” LUX will be available Nov.13th on Warp Records.

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