Misa Muse

I have never been able to get into Muse. That’s right I said it. I don’t get it. They’ve always seemed like Radiohead lite to me, and now they’re doing this U2 lite thing and for some reason kids are buying it.

I did catch their appearance on SNL last night however and was reminded of a very cool albeit super nerdy guitar innovation called the Misa Kitara. I’d seen it in youtube demos before but never in actual rock action.

It’s kind of like a Ztar but with a touchscreen. So instead of plucking strings you basically coax your sounds iPhone style. It’s got audio AND MIDI out, synth effects, and all sorts of nerdy goodness that should make more than one keytarluster salivate.

Bass dude from Muse had one of these bad boys in double neck bass form with an analog bass on the other side to boot. So I guess Muse gets geek points at least.


David Lynch Remixes Nigel Godrich’s Ultraísta

Superstar producer Nigel Godrich, most well known for his work with Radiohead, has a band of his own called Ultraísta. David Lynch gave their track “Strange Formula” a moody remix. Check out the accompanying psychedelic video via nowness.com.


Ultraísta is comprised of Godrich, singer Laura Bettinson, and Joey Waronker, who has done session drumming for heavyweights like Beck and the Smashing Pumpkins. Their self-titled album will be out Oct. 2nd on Temporary Residence, but you can grab a free remix EP here right now. Experience them live in LA at the Echoplex Oct. 19th, Oct. 22nd at the Independent in San Francisco, or  Oct. 24th at Le Poisson Rouge NYC.

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Johnny Greenwood Scored PT Anderson’s The Master


Johnny Greenwood, sometimes known as the guitarist for a little band called Radiohead, has provided the score to Paul Thomas Anderson’s much anticipated new film The Master. But Greenwood isn’t new to writing for film or orchestra; he scored Bodysong in 2003, premiered the string piece Popcorn Superhet Receiver in the US as part of the Wordless Music Series in 2008, and has released a collaborative album with Krystoff Penderecki. He also wrote the score for PT Anderson’s highly acclaimed masterpiece There Will Be BloodRead a recent interview with Johnny at NPR, check out an audio clip from The Master below, or stream the full soundtrack at SpotifyThe Master opens tomorrow 9/21. 

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