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I’ve been meaning to post about Squarepusher for ages.

Tom Jenkinson dropped his latest album Ufabulum last year, along with a wild new live show. Consisting of an LED helmet and fantastic visuals that respond to sound, the experience created by the venerable Squarepusher really takes his music over the top. As if it weren’t explosive enough already!

Nowadays there are plug-ins and apps (such as iZotope’s Stutter or Glitchbreaks for iPhone & iPad) that can produce similar effects to the inimitable Squarepusher’s sound. And of course there are generative video programs as well. What makes Squarepusher special is not just his technical wizardry, but that he is a truly innovative Artist. He doesn’t use the fanciest new equipment to create his work. He painstakingly programs things from scratch, and culls otherworldly sounds from his bass rig that are utterly futuristic. Jenkinson is a sculptor of sound – a visionary, mad genius.

Squarepusher has a new EP entitled Enstrobia available.

Originally released exclusively with the vinyl or double CD versions of his 2012 album Ufabulum, this is the first time the tracks have been available as a standalone EP.

Squarepusher says – “The Ufabulum live show has been constantly developing over the last year of touring – including using parts of Enstrobia at specific events. Although not originally part of the project, these pieces seem very integrated with it now and have triggered a lot of interest from fans who hadn’t heard them before.”

He also has a remix contest

Squarepusher, Ufabulum, Enstrobia, LED helmet, Remix,

Download stems here: https://bleep.com/release/42392-squarepusher-squarepusher-remix-stems#description

Here are some great interviews and live clips:

Catch Squarepusher at one of his very limited live shows this month:


Björk Bastards Remix Album & Mutual Core Vid

Bjork, Bastards, remix, Biophilia

Although Björk’s album Biophilia came out a little over a year ago, she has been keeping busy as of late. Last week saw the release of remix album Bastards, featuring awesome new renditions of Biophilia songs by heavyweights like Omar Souleyman, Matthew Herbert and Death Grips, with trippy cover art courtesy of her recent new video for ‘Mutual Core.’

Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, who caught Björk’s eye with his award winning short film Solipsist, and shot in her native Iceland, the video has a volcanic theme that mixes organic with high tech animation. Watch it below, along with a ‘making of’ video and interview with the director.

OFFICIAL Bjӧrk – Mutual Core – Art + Music – MOCAtv

The Making of Björk – “Mutual Core” – Art + Music – MOCAtv

Andrew Thomas Huang Answers Your Questions – Art + Music – MOCAtv

Buy Björk: Bastards

Mouse On Mars Wretchup, Wretch Dubbed, WOW

Mouse on Mars is on fire with three bits of exciting news.

First of all, congrats to them on achieving the crowd-funding goal on their iPhone app Wretchup. Created in collaboration with createdigitalmusic.com‘s Peter Kirn, Wretchup lets you instantaneously warp live audio input with the flick of your finger. Watch this video to get a better idea of what Wretchup can do:

While MoM has already used this custom app extensively in their work, both in the studio and onstage, Wretchup “relies on a now-defunct player app called RjDj, and lacks some features that make it something anyone can use.” The purpose of the campaign is “to build a standalone app with a richer set of functionality, and make it easy-to-use for novice and advanced users alike.”

In addition, since “Wretchup is built with libpd, a powerful open source library based on Pure Data,” they plan on making the source code available for programmers to learn from and incorporate into their own creations.

Although they’ve reached $5,000, if they manage to double that figure, they have promised to make an Android version as well. There are still 9 days left to support the project at http://www.indiegogo.com/appwow

Second news bite is that if you decide to contribute,  Mouse on Mars has made a special “Wretchup-remixed’ album exclusively for backers called “Wretch Dubbed.” Here is a taste:

Physical handmade copies are already sold out, but downloads are available for $15, which includes the app.

Lastly, Mouse on Mars very recently released a new LP entitled WOW, which has Wretchup all over it. Stream here:

Amon Tobin’s Two Fingers Vengeance Rhythm

Looks like Amon Tobin is tapping his hip-hop vein hard these days. Behold the ultraviolent stop motion animation clip for “Vengeance Rhythm,” a bludgeoning cut from his forthcoming Two Fingers project. Directed by Chris Ullens, the video depicts a murderous teddy bear blowing other stuffed animals to bloody bits – to the beat of distorted drums, grimy synths, and wobbly dubstep bass.

And if you’re hungry for more, download the Two Fingers remix of Kool Keith’s “Drugs,” courtesy of self-titledmag.com. According to them, Amon posted the track on his soundcloud yesterday and reached his download limit within minutes.

Buy Two Fingers ‘Stunt Rhythms’