Cross DJ Update Now Lets You Share Your Mixes

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MixVibes has released an update for Cross DJ, its mobile DJ app for iPhone and iPad, that now allows you to record and share your mixes directly to Soundcloud. This gives it a leg up on Native Instruments’ Traktor DJ, which has recording but shares only to Dropbox. And at half the price, Cross DJ is worth giving a spin!

Cross DJ is the first app to record and share mixes on Soundcloud

Record, edit and share your mix on Soundcloud straight from your iPhone or iPad. No computer needed, it’s all built in the app.

Edit your mixes

Browse and play your recordings from the app. Edit titles and descriptions. You can even make it more personal by uploading an artwork.

Direct share to SoundCloud

Log in to your Soundcloud account from within the app and upload your mix. Share the Soundcloud link on Facebook / Twitter, or make it private. If you don’t have a SoundCloud account, a Facebook connect module pops up, enabling you to create one in seconds.

What else is new in this update?

Retrieve your mixes from a computer : plug your iDevice to your computer, open iTunes and go to the “Apps” tab. Hit “CrossDJ” to access your mix list.

(Record only works on iPad 2/3/4 and iPhone 4S/5)
iPad : Cross DJ for iPad is $9.99 / 8.99 € / £6.99 – This update is free
iPhone : Cross DJ for iPhone is a fully-featured free app.
Sharing and recording (under 5 minutes) is available in the free iPhone app.
To unlock the recording time, you have to buy an in-app upgrade.
In-app price for unlimited recording time is $0.99 / 0.89 € / £0.69

Cross DJ for iPad
Cross DJ for iPhone

Arturia iMini: Migrating the MiniMoog to iPad

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With iMini, Arturia joins the mobile revolution. It was the only thing to do, having all its other bases covered.

iMini is a faithful reproduction of the iconic Minimoog synthesizer, for iPad. It is based on Arturia’s TAE® technology which first brought the Minimoog to desktops with its Mini V software. iMini can share presets with its predecessor Mini V, and includes over 500 sounds created by “the top sound designers in the world.” Not sure if he was involved, but iMini already has the support of well respected sound artist Richard Devine.

On top of being compatible with Mini V, iMini supports CORE MIDI, allowing MIDI controller mapping, and WIST sync with compatible apps running on other iDevices. It is also part of Retronym’s Tabletop app environment. Through Tabletop, you can share sounds via Soundcloud, render to .wav, or Audiocopy/paste into another iApp. At this time, iMini doesn’t support Audiobus yet.

Not only does iMini pay homage to the great Bob Moog, but Arturia literally pays back to the Foundation:

To support Bob Moog’s legacy, we are donating a portion of each sale to the Bob Moog Foundation to support their work in science and music education via Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, their work to preserve, protect and share Bob Moog’s archives, and their vision to build a Moogseum in the coming years (

Check out the awesome promo vid and tutorial:

Arturia iMini requires at least iPad 2 and iOS 6.0 or later, and costs just $9.99


If that’s not enough info to get you moist and/or downloading the app already, head over to  for the full nitty gritty (they always have tons of in depth product info).

Native Instruments Revolution Teaser [Video]

Native Instruments, Revolution, Synth

Hot on the heels of wowing us with the Traktor DJ app for iPad, Native Instruments shows it isn’t satisfied to rest on its laurels.

Rather, they’re promising a revolution: “One synth to rule them all. Years of meticulous research and the latest in cutting-edge DSP technology combine to deliver a synth with teeth.”

Check out the mysterious, sexy 3D lightshow they’ve cooked up to tease:

Audio samples courtesy of their soundcloud page:

Amon Tobin’s Two Fingers Vengeance Rhythm

Looks like Amon Tobin is tapping his hip-hop vein hard these days. Behold the ultraviolent stop motion animation clip for “Vengeance Rhythm,” a bludgeoning cut from his forthcoming Two Fingers project. Directed by Chris Ullens, the video depicts a murderous teddy bear blowing other stuffed animals to bloody bits – to the beat of distorted drums, grimy synths, and wobbly dubstep bass.

And if you’re hungry for more, download the Two Fingers remix of Kool Keith’s “Drugs,” courtesy of According to them, Amon posted the track on his soundcloud yesterday and reached his download limit within minutes.

Buy Two Fingers ‘Stunt Rhythms’

Death Grips Epic Battle

Death Grips No Love Deep Web album cover censored

Death Grips is in the midst of a war with their label Epic after leaking their own album today.

According to their twitter yesterday, “The label wouldn’t confirm a release date for NO LOVE DEEP WEB ’till next year sometime’,” [so] “The label will be hearing the album for the first time with you.” At 12am PST they released No Love Deep Web via their website,, which prompted Epic to shut it down.

In an age where most are complaining about dwindling album sales, Death Grips’ marketing tactic is just hilarious, not to mention the uncensored version of the album art featuring a penis with the title written on it in black marker. Gotta give it to Death Grips for being punk as fuck! It will be interesting to see how the rest of this debacle plays out. In the meantime you can stream the album via the band’s soundcloud, or follow any of the number of links showing up on, unless that too gets shut down somehow.

Buy Death Grips: The Money Store


To disavow allegations that this was all a publicity stunt, Death Grips posted cease and desist emails from Epic on their facebook page, and were subsequently dropped from the label.