On A Personal Note: To Blog Or Not To Blog?

Hello there dear reader! Just a note to say sorry for my radio silence of late… I’ve been wrapped up in a truly staggering number of things that have taken precedence over blogging. I’m grateful for the manic surge of brain activity but frankly, it’s more than my mind can handle all at once. Over the last few months I’ve been engaged in:

1. Learning programming. Took an online course in Python. That has lead me to research an exponential number of paths to follow next, including Java, Javascript, Objective C, C… I’m kind of all over the place, wanting to devour all knowledge in sight yet not really knowing where to start. Anyone care to chime in with advice?

2. Video games. Another result of the aforementioned class, (which delved into creating games), I am trying to absorb everything I’ve missed in the years since I stopped playing video games. I’ve been wanting to learn how to make mobile apps and games for years, (the whole reason I started learning to program in the first place), so it only makes sense to play (err, I mean, research) as much as possible. Any games out there I absolutely must try? 

3. Resumed messing around with MAX/MSP after years of hiatus. I’ve also dabbled in Csound a bit in the past;  I hope to integrate one or the other or both into my musical activities again and, eventually, build some sort of musical app of my own.

4. Trying to upgrade my rig. I set up a Mavericks OS on an external hard drive and am testing out various new softwares on it before I commit to overhauling my reliable yet slightly out-of-date laptop. It’s hard to let go of a system that has so many toys on it and simply works, but I am falling behind the curve…

There are oh so many more things I have on the back burner of my mind that I wish I had time or energy to get into, like pedal building, arduino, analog synth building, amp building… the list goes on. I fear I may never get to any of these things. Which brings me to the question of: To blog or not to blog?

I’ve mentioned that I wanted to convert this blog from a pure product plug format to more of a demonstrative document… If I can get it together, I hope to make this happen very soon. Until then, I guess it will just be sporadic updates, though hopefully more interesting than this one!

In the past I’ve struggled with whether or not to keep this blog strictly “professional,” to throw in the occasional personal update now and then, or to start a whole new personal blog for moments such as these. What do you think? 

Anyway, if you’re still with me, thanks for letting me rant!